Fhem notifications with Pushover

Here a short HowTo for sending Fhem notifications to iOS or Android devices via Pushover.

First install the Pushover App from the Appstore and register inside the app.

Download and unpack the perl modules LWP::Protocol::https and Mozilla::CA.

Transfer them to /var/InternerSpeicher/fhem/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.12.2 via NAS etc.
The final folder structure should look like this:

In your fhem.cfg add:

Now you can push messages to your iDevices like this:

Fhem over SSL

Generate the needed certificates on osx/linux
[sourcecode] openssl req -new -x509 -nodes -out server-cert.pem -days 3650 -keyout server-key.pem[/sourcecode]
Copy to fhem/certs using the NAS webinterface

To open the port from outside, connect to the fritzbox via telnet or ssh and
nvi /var/flash/ar7.cfg
press i to enter insert mode, change line 235 as follows:
internet_forwardrules = "tcp 0",
"tcp 0";
Save by pressing ESC :wq
and [sourcecode]reboot[/sourcecode] to reboot the fritzbox.

Now your fhem instance should be available from outside at:

ROS and XCode

Compile all your ROS packages as usual and make sure there are no more errors left

Because having too many packages in Xcode can be a bit overwhelming, I recommend to install all the unused packages to /opt/ros/indigo:

Remove the build, devel and the unneeded stuff from src

Then generate a Xcode project by:

you may have to do this every time you add a new package or add files to a package so define an alias:

Define an alias for starting ROS from the console in your .zshrc:

Start ROS from the console so that it gets its correct environment

If you get an error like this after linking:

Click Product->Scheme->Edit Scheme->Run „Target Name“->Environment Variables
and add DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH /opt/ros/indigo/lib

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