How to install ROS Indigo on OS X Yosemite

Compiling the Robot Operating System (ROS) Indigo on Mac OS X can be quite a challenge. Here is a well tested recipe originally created by Mike Purvis and updated by me for OS X Yosemite 10.10.2:

Uninstall Homebrew

If your homebrew is completely messed up, it’s a good idea to remove everything and start off fresh:

Now you can reinstall with:

Deactivate the LEDs of your Radxa Rock

The Rock’s frequently blinking lights can be an annoying source of light pollution. Here is how to turn most of them off. However, the ethernet and wifi leds can only be soldered them out.

On the newer images, the 3 Rock’s LEDs are configured as LED class devices, so edit rc.local

and set them to none using this snippet:

For the older images, the LEDs have to be set via the GPIOs:

make sure that you add those lines before the exit 0 statement in rc.local.