Create Clonezilla USB Stick on OS X

Clonezilla is a great open source tool for cloning whole operating systems. Here is a short recipe how to get a bootable Clonezilla USB Stick on OS X. First get a current iso from here.

How to install ROS Jade on OS X Yosemite

For all the OS X users out there being annoyed by having to run ROS in their virtual machines, here is the gist for compiling it natively:

Be warned, this is not a walk in the park. There are usually plenty of issues to work around. But the result is worth it!

How to install ROS Indigo on OS X Yosemite

Compiling the Robot Operating System (ROS) Indigo on Mac OS X can be quite a challenge. Here is a well tested recipe originally created by Mike Purvis and updated by me for OS X Yosemite 10.10.2:

Uninstall Homebrew

If your homebrew is completely messed up, it’s a good idea to remove everything and start off fresh:

Now you can reinstall with:

Time Capsule Disk Upgrade

My Apple Time Capsule 1TB MC343Z/A 3rd Gen Model A1355 Firmware 7.6.4 has gotten too small for all the backups and files, so it was time for an upgrade. As Time Capsules are still terribly expensive in the larger versions, I went for the DIY upgrade. Judging from some forum posts, the Western Digital RED line for NAS is compatible and suitable. In the end I settled for the WD40EFRX. I went with this rough guide although there is a much more detailed iFixit guide available. The most complicated part is getting the rubber from the base (I ripped mine a little so take your time), the rest is just trivially done in 10 minutes. After everything is done, AirPort Utility will alert you with a warning that a drive needs a repair. Under drives select the partition and select delete. It will now reformat your drive and you are good to go.

X11 forwarding over SSH

X11 forwarding allows the graphical interfaces of X11 application running on a remote Linux server to be displayed on your local machine. This can be very helpful for graphical linux tools such as gparted.

On the remote machine first install xauth:

and make sure X11 forwarding is enabled in the sshd_config:

If it is off:

ensure that is enabled:

X11Forwarding yes

and restart the sshd:

On a OS X machine you first have to install XQuartz.
Now you should be able to ssh into your machine and see its X11 display:

An error you may encounter is that the .Xauthority does not exist yet:

which can be mitigated simply by:

on the remote machine.

TFTP server on OS X

For flashing, recovering or unbricking embedded devices often a TFTP server is needed for serving the firmware image. On OS X such a server is already built in. To use it, simply put the firmware in /private/tftpboot and then start the tftp daemon with:

Once you are done you can stop the daemon with:

Switch between formula versions in Homebrew

When working with ROS on MacOS X and updating and upgrading your packages via Homebrew, you will often find your packages broken because some library was replaced by a newer one. A typical error looks like this:

Not too long ago, one would have just used brew versions and checked out the version needed, but that was long deprecated and has become unavailable recently. Nowadays, switch can be used instead:

Now you can easily switch back to r116 by: