Configure Radxa Rock

The Radxa Rock is a cheap and powerful quadcore ARM9 board, which is perfect for home servers or mobile robotic applications.

Here are some tipps how to set up the Radxa Rock:

By default, the Radxa Rock boots into Android. In the application folder you can find an app for booting into Ubuntu.

First configure your keyboard layout if needed:

And get wireless network access:

The content should look like:

Now you can manage several WPA keys in the wpa_supplicant.conf:

For each network add a definition like:

If you have several Radxa Rocks, you should change their mac addresses by modifying the parameter file and flashing it in loader mode:

And replace de:ad:de:ad:be:ef with a valid MAC address of your choice e.g. from this MAC generator:

you may also want to change their hostnames:

Now restart the networking:

Now that your Radxa Rock should be successfully connected to your wireless network, you can login via ssh by:

and the default root password „root“

You should directly change that password to something less easy to guess with:

remove the user rock:

and add an ordinary user:

and add him to the sudoers:

and then upgrade your Ubuntu installation:

Install zsh and some other useful tools:

Pick an agreeable theme (optional):

and set ZSH_THEME=“af-magic“

then source the changes:

Allow SSH authentication with certificate:
On the rock:

And copy the public key from your computer into the list of authorized keys on the rock

If you can now connect via ssh without being asked for a password you can force ssh to only accept authentication with certificate:

and make sure the following values are set:
PasswordAuthentication no
RSAAuthentication yes
PubkeyAuthentication yes

If you are using Macs, you might want to install netatalk to simplify file sharing:

Additional folders can be shared by editing AppleVolumes.default:

and adding a line like

/media/microsd/media „Media“

and restarting the netatalk service with:

You can also access the board via its UART Interface, connect the cables as follows:
RX -> Green
TX -> White
GND -> Black

For more see my post about OSX and USB to TTL

Flashing new Images:
First install rkflashtool:

Get into recovery mode:

When the board is connected with the USB OTG cable, press and hold the left recovery key and press and let got the right reset key. The board will reboot and stay on recovery mode waiting for commands.

For now use RK_BatchTool under Windows…

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