Dual Boot Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on Macbook Pro with Filevault 2

Although, I prefer working on Mac OSX or using a virtual machine for all my Linux needs, sometimes that just won’t cut it. Especially when working with ROS, a native Ubuntu can help.

Shrink some partition to make space in Mac Disk Utility
Download refind 0.8.1 and unzip
Install refind into the Recovery Partition

Mount the EFI partition and edit refind.conf. Uncomment the line with dont_scan_volumes but leave the parameters empty, otherwise refind wont find your original OSX boot Partition:

If something doesn’t work, don’t worry, you can still boot OSX by holding the option key at startup.

Now follow these instructions to create a bootable Ubuntu USB Stick. Load it with the refind bootloader and select „Try Ubuntu“. Open a terminal and start the installation without boot-loader:

In the installer choose installation type „Something else“, select the free space created at step one, format as ext4 and mount at /.

Now you should have a working dual boot configuration.

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