Xbox One Kinect 2.0 USB3 Mod

This mod enables you to use a cheap Xbox One Kinect 2.0 on your computer without a special breakout box from the K4W2 developers program.

First remove the black rubber around the plug with a plier, then pull out the plug. This requires quite some force. Remove the two large black stickers and open the 8 t-10 torx security screws behind it. Take off the top cover. Detailed instructions to take apart the Kinect can be found at iFixit. Pull the new 12V wires through the plug and solder to +12v to pin 10 and ground to one of the large ground pins a proposed by Alexis Maldonado on the OpenKinect Group. As power adapter, I can recommend this (Universal Netzteil 12V 1000mA).

Kinect 2 Mod

You may want to fix everything with some hot glue. And voilà you have an amazing time of flight sensor for 60€. Now you can continue to the software side of getting the hacked Kinect 2.0 running.

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  1. The Kinect2 has a standard USB3 port?
    With this Mod, is there not a 12V run back to the USB3 port of the mainboard, and damage the mainboard electronic?
    And why opening the Kinect? Is it not possible to make a simple Y cable adapter?
    USB3-Type-A-Connector => only 2 Data Lines => USB3-Type-B-Connector => 12V hollow socket

    voltage connection between the mainboard and the Kinect 2, but on the
    USB3-Type-B soldered a hollow socket for a 12V power supply.

    the official Microsoft adapter a „rip-off“? Also of scientists? They pay
    without grumbling these prices for a simple connector box without its
    own electronic 0_o.


    Die Kinect2 hat einen Standard USB3 Port?

    Läuft bei diesem Mod nicht 12V zurück auf den USB3-Port des PC und beschädigt die Elektronik des Motherboard?
    Und warum die Kinect öffnen? Ist es nicht möglich ein Y-Kabel herzustellen?
    USB3-Typ-A-Stecker => nur die zwei Datenleitungen => USB3-Typ-B-Stecker => 12V-Hohlbuchse

    Keine Spannungsverbindung zwischen dem Mainboard und der Kinect, und auf der USB3-Tyb-B-Seite wird eine Hohlbuchse angelötet.

    Ist der offizielle Microsoft-Adapter eine Abzocke? Auch der Wissenschaftler.
    Die zahlen wohl ohne zu Grummeln solche Preise für eine einfache Kiste, die scheinbar nicht mal Elektronik enthält 0_o .

  2. Help me please, i have a xbox one kinect connected adapter 12V DC and i connected to my pc by a usb 3.0 and i have setup the SDK 2.0 but when i try to start a application, my kinect don’t respond.
    Do you know what can i do?
    i take picture for you, help me solve this problem.
    1. All Setup Xbox one Kinect.
    2. i wire pin 11 Gnd and pin 10 12 Vdc same tutorial and measure Vote, Kinect don’t respond.
    3. i connected to my pc and Xbox one Kinect a usb 3.0
    4. Application can’t detected Xbox one kinect.
    Thanks You Very Very Much.

  3. I connected everything as discribed, when I connect the 12V power supply it tells me that there is a

    short circuit anybody got the same problem, or could tell me what I did wrong?

  4. So I followed the instructions, plugged it into my computer windows 10 immediately recognized it and then it powered off. It keeps doing it. It will power up, work, windows will recognize it and then it will turn off. Over and over. Anyone else have this happe or have any ideas?

    • So I started using an external power supply and I added the 5v line to it. If anyone is curious I’m attaching pictures the 5v line circled in red and a picture of my connect. I test it on my laptop and It won’t light up. I do it on my desktop and it lights up briefly. So I used and external power supply to run it and same issue, both my desktop and laptop see it, with my desktop if I press the 3d scan button it lights up briefly, the fan starts and I hear a motor move, with the laptop it does nothing. could it be the 9′ cable I ordered off amazon. is 9′ too long, or is it not getting enough power? Although, I feel fairly confident I’m providing enough power, makes me think the signal lines have to much degredation over a 9′ cable.

      • I love how I have three things posted here and I’ve responded to myself. If you plug the kinect into your computers USB 3.0 port and you’re sure the wiring is correct test it on another computer, only intel USB 3.0 controllers work reliably with the connect. It requires a lot of power and bandwidth. I finally found computer it worked with and realized that the chipset is the difference. After that I tested with various intel chipsets and it worked.

  5. hello , I’ve successfully completed the hack and it was working just fine with my mac , after 2 weeks later i tried plugging it and it doesn’t turn on (there used to be a red light when powered and now nothing)
    ive installed a 12v 1.08A wall wart from a local store .

  6. Just a question. I coudn’t find any info about my case. I have a kinect for xbox one bought, but then I realized that my X is X one S. Will it work with it? Cuz I see that it will work with PC but can’t find if with the console it’s the same. Also, my 2nd question is: can I just modify USB B-A 3.0 connector by diconnecting 5V from type A and instead connect 12V 1,5A? I really don’t want to disassemble my device, but if there’s no other way… Thanks in advice

    • That was also my question. But I read the USB specification. The 12V are attached to Pin 10 (Wikipedia: The USB 3.0 Powered-B connector has two additional pins for power and ground supplied to the device). The Standard-A Connector has only 9 pins. On the other hand you will short the 12V to the 5V of the USB port. I think we have to add the connector into the Kintect..

      • Connecting Kinect v2 via usb (must be usb 1! This is the closest usb to hdmi ports) will work in XBone S and X.
        You just need this mod or adapter from microsoft

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