Create Clonezilla USB Stick on OS X

Clonezilla is a great open source tool for cloning whole operating systems. Here is a short recipe how to get a bootable Clonezilla USB Stick on OS X. First get a current iso from here.

X11 forwarding over SSH

X11 forwarding allows the graphical interfaces of X11 application running on a remote Linux server to be displayed on your local machine. This can be very helpful for graphical linux tools such as gparted.

On the remote machine first install xauth:

and make sure X11 forwarding is enabled in the sshd_config:

If it is off:

ensure that is enabled:

X11Forwarding yes

and restart the sshd:

On a OS X machine you first have to install XQuartz.
Now you should be able to ssh into your machine and see its X11 display:

An error you may encounter is that the .Xauthority does not exist yet:

which can be mitigated simply by:

on the remote machine.

TFTP server on OS X

For flashing, recovering or unbricking embedded devices often a TFTP server is needed for serving the firmware image. On OS X such a server is already built in. To use it, simply put the firmware in /private/tftpboot and then start the tftp daemon with:

Once you are done you can stop the daemon with: