Plex on Radxa Rock

Plex is a great home media server with clients for iOS, OS X, Windows, web and even some TV sets. For my Radxa Rock home server, an ARM V7 build of Plex server is needed. Fortunately Plex has recently started to offer an ARM V7 build for some Synology NAS devices, which can be repackaged to work on other ARM V7 devices such as the Radxa Rock and the Raspberry Pi 2. I won’t go more into detail here as an excellent guide for installing Plex Home Server on Debian Jessie based distros can be found at htpcguide.

To make your Plex server available on the go, you can either use UPNP to let it configure itself or forward some ports manually. I prefer the latter option, as I don’t like the idea of basically anything being able to expose hosts on my networks. Here are some hints for a FritzBox: