AirPlay to Sonos Speakers

If you happen to own some Apple devices and some Sonos speakers, you may have expected to be able to airplay directly from the devices to the speakers or at least that Sonos will enable that functionality with a firmware update in near future. Unfortunately this hasn’t happened so far and Sonos owner are stuck with the clumsy Sonos Controller software 🙁

Anyway, there has been a way to bridge AirPlay and Sonos for quite some time, called airsonos, but it stopped working with OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 because Apple switched to ALAC encoding their AirPlay streams. Fortunately, thanks to @microadam, nodetunes now supports ALAC decoding and airsonos works again. Here is a short recipe how to install airsonos on a linux box and how to use your Sonos speakers like they should have been usable in the first place:

Now you can see if it starts up correctly and finds your Sonos speakers:

In case everything worked out okay, you can run airsonos as a service and start it automatically when booting. To do this, first create a new file /etc/systemd/system/airsonos.service

with the following content:

Description=Start airsonos server

Enable the newly created service:

Start the service:

Check it status with: